September 28, 2018 @ XJET Hangar

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Bring a Bag Packed, Party for a Purpose & BE the Difference for small nonprofits!

Entry is limited!

Join us at the XJET Hangar at Centennial Airport and bring a bag packed! You just might be leaving on a private jet directly from the party for an all-expenses paid trip to an undisclosed location! 

DoingGood Foundation Members receive discounted tickets!

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Party for a Purpose

Join us at XJET Hangar at the Centennial Airport on the night of September 28, 2018. Bring an overnight bag packed and check it in upon arrival. Go into the party and enjoy an open bar, engaging interactive displays and live entertainment! 

Fly Away

At the end of the night, the hangar doors to XJET Hanger will open revealing a private jet which is fueled and ready. We will draw a number, if that is the number on your boarding pass, you grab one other person from the party and both grab your bags. Board the jet and head to a currently undisclosed location for all expenses paid trip returning on Sunday afternoon!