DGRCircleLOGOblackWdotThe DoingGood Foundation is a Colorado-based 501(c)(3) public charity.

Most smaller nonprofits are created out of a passion someone has for a cause, whether it’s animals, a child or family members how passed away due to an illness, their past history with abuse or some other tragic circumstance. Individuals have a passion and want to make a difference so they create a nonprofit to help their cause. They get friends and family to help them.

Nonprofits are Businesses Too

With over 30,000 501(c)(3) nonprofits in Colorado, resources to help nonprofits are tight. Funding, volunteers, and other resources are hard to come by. In a sea of small nonprofits, how do you get your small nonprofit seen and heard? It isn’t easy. And help is expensive. Trainings can be $50 or more, conferences are hundreds of dollars, and consultants are thousands of dollars. With volunteering on a decade long decline, many nonprofits have challenges getting the expertise they need to grow and impact more of the population they serve.

We don’t just help new charities. Some of the charities we have helped, such as Bessie’s Hope, has been around more than 20 years! 

FREE Business Oriented Resources

The DoingGood Foundation fills this knowledge and expertise gap by providing small (under $1million annual budget), Colorado-based, 501(c)(3)’s with free business-oriented training, DoingGoodWeekends, a free weekend conference tailored to meet the needs of small nonprofits, and other resources.  

We can’t do it without your help, so PARTY FOR A PURPOSE! 

For more go to www.DoingGood.Foundation