General Event Information

A suitcase party is just that, a party where you bring a suitcase packed. Attendees come to the party with a suitcase packed, typically 2-3 days worth of travel needs. Once attendees are checked in, they are issued a unique number in the form of a baggage claim ticket or through another method. Suitcases are placed in safe keeping, like a coat check, and the attendee continues into the party to enjoy themselves, dance, drink, and have fun, just like any other party or charity event! At the end of the night, one of the numbers is drawn and they have a time frame to grab one other person, both their suitcases. IMMEDIATELY from the event, they are either transported to or placed on a private jet which will take them to a destination where they will enjoy an all-inclusive travel experience.
Due to COVID19 restrictions, holding this event with just 200 people would have caused our ticket prices to be out of reach for a lot of people. Therefore, like a lot of events, we had to re-imagine how we could still hold the event and also make sure we can cover our costs while raising the money for the DoingGood Foundation. AND WE DID IT! We have partnered with Votes4.Charity to hold a competition where the top 50 people with the most votes WINS two tickets to the Suitcase Party. Votes are received by you encouraging your friends to vote for you by donating to your favorite charity! We will also pick the top 50 people with the most donors, regardless of the number of votes they receive. We are doing this to give people without a lot of money a fair shot at attending the event.
Suitcase.Party support the DoingGood.FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public charity, which provides direct operational, organizational and professional development needs specifically benefiting small (under $1MM annual budget) and local (non-chapter, with no-national affiliation*) 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations for FREE and low-cost! The DoingGood.FOUNDATION does not distribute money to other nonprofits nor provide grants with a few programmatic and event exceptions. Programs and Services, like (formerly, Charity Advancement Committee, are provided to assist small nonprofits with obtaining the resources they need through education, consulting and other services to help advance their nonprofit and thereby help more of the population they serve locally.
As of now it is Cocktail Attire, however, as we get closer to our ticketing date, we might choose more of a theme. We will notify all ticket winners prior to the event.
You MUST be at least 21+ to attend and/or volunteer.
There will be a "Limited Open Bar". This will include, but may not be limited to, beer, wine, and select cocktails. "Limited" does not mean limited amounts, and although we can't guarantee we will not run out of certain brands or types of alcohol, we know a good charity event includes good booze and will order what we think will be plenty. Again, this is no guarantee, it is possible to run out depending on how much you can consume SAFELY! Alcoholic beverages are included with your ticket, but tipping is encouraged. There will be non-alcoholic beverages available which include water and soda, and select juices. All are included with your ticket, but tipping is encouraged. There will be food, which will include light food fare and appetizer type food items which are included for each ticket holder. Again, tipping is encouraged.

Fly Away

A Fly Away is a prize given away at the end of the night which includes an ALL-INCLUSIVE trip for two on a private jet to a destination pre-determined by the event organizers. All-inclusive includes the following:
  • Private Jet Round Trip
  • Transportation to and from the airports
  • Hotel or lodging for the duration of the getaway (double occupancy, winner and guest, one room accommodates both, no substitutions)
  • Food and/or food vouchers for each day
  • Any pre-determined activity which the event organizers have secured
  • If applicable, any other benefits determined necessary by the event organizers
You bring a packed bag in case you win. The plane leaves directly from the party, you may not leave to go home and pack.
What should I pack in my suitcase? A duffle bag or "weekender" size suitcase is recommended. You can pack whatever you would like for up to a 2-day trip, taking into consideration the time of the year. Some specific suggestions, cocktail attire, swimsuit (hot tubs are usually available), active recreational attire, appropriate shoes, and undergarments as well.
The Fly Away is organized as a pre-selected trip to a specific destination and activities are designed to take advantage of this destination according to date and time of each Suitcase.Party event.
We suggest if you came with your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend you take them. But it is not required. If you win the giveaway, you can take one person (guest) which can be anyone you wish BUT they must be at the event as an attendee. Just know, accommodations are double occupancy, which means you are sharing a hotel room. You may purchase an additional hotel room for the guest you choose, but that is on you and will not be covered by the event organizers, sponsors, or affiliates in any way.
Besides tipping, nothing, unless you are doing or wanting to do something while at your destination which has not been pre-authorized or pre-arranged by the event organizers. You will be provided the following at no cost to you for two (2) people (provided all legal documents and waivers required have been signed):
  • Round Trip Private Jet Service (with event organizers representatives) inclusive of both winner and guest
  • Any transportation needed to get to and from the airports and to and from any pre-arranged activities by the event organizers
  • Accommodations for the pre-determined duration of your stay (does not include additional incidentals or damages, personal or business credit card will be required by you for those items as required by the vendor of accommodations)
  • Food and/or Food Vouchers for three meals/day at the pre-determined destination
  • Any pre-determined activities which the event organizers have arranged (you do not have to participate if you do not want to)
There are a few things you have to do in order to take advantage of the Fly Away:
  • Provide Proof of Age (VALID Driver's License or State ID and/or Passport)
  • Sign a Waiver of Liability before boarding the plane
  • Sign any waivers required by any of the vendors of the activities you participate in during the fly away time frame, day, weekend or week.
  • Provide a Credit Card to the hotel in order to cover any incidentals, additional items charged to the room that are not pre-authorized by the event organizers or damages.
  • Provide a Credit Card for any incidentals or damages, if required by the activity vendor, which are not a part of the activities pre-determined and authorized by the event organizers.
Winners must be present to win and are final. The Fly Away has no substitution dates and has no cash value. If a winner cannot make arrangements they will need to either, give the prize back in order for us to give it away again at the event OR they can give it freely (CANNOT BE SOLD) to someone else at the event of their choice to go in their place.