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If I win the Fly Away, what do I pay for?

By September 24, 2016

Nothing, unless you are doing or wanting to do something while at your destination which has not been pre-authorized or pre-arranged by the event organizers.

You will be provided the following at no cost to you for two (2) people (provided all legal documents and waivers required have been signed) :

  • Round Trip Private Jet Service (with event organizers representatives) inclusive of both winner and guest
  • Any transportation needed to get to and from the airports and to and from any pre-arranged activities by the event organizers
  • Accommodations for the pre-determined duration of your stay (does not include additional incidentals or damages, personal or business credit card will be required by you for those items as required by the vendor of accommodations)
  • Food and/or Food Vouchers for three meals/day you are at the pre-determined destination
  • Any pre-detemined activities which the event organizers have arranged (you do not have to participate if you do not want to)